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Ultra-safe protection is needed for important, often costly material. This is one of the mean reasons for many scientific environments to choose a NORDIC central storage solution. With conventional ultra low freezers, failures too often lead to an overly rapid rise in temperature, resulting in destruction of the material. These conventional ultra low freezers also create a lot of noise and heat on the lab.

In a NORDIC system this drawback is inconceivable. That is to say, complete failure is almost unheard of, because NORDIC installations are built with 100% redundancy. The primary and backup systems are always active, running in parallel. Should a complete failure nevertheless occur, a NORDIC installation equipped with the optional, unique buffer system will continue to keep the temperature within the required margins much longer.

The future for ultra low freezers is here!

A quote from a satisfied NORDIC client: ‘We know from measurements that when traditional, stand-alone ultra low freezers are opened the temperature inside immediately shoots up to -55 °C. It takes a long time before it drops back to -80 °C again. We conducted measurements on the new NORDIC facility and were pleased to see that the temperature line never wavers from the setpoint.’

Another advantage seen in daily use, in contradiction to normal ultra low freezers, is the considerably reduced build-up of ice. These improvements are achieved through climate control of the entire room. With this design, icing of storage systems and specimen tubes is generally greatly reduced. The heat produced by the compressors is used to dehumidify the air. Because low humidity is maintained in the climate-controlled environment, minimal condensation occurs in the freezers when they are briefly open.

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