SERVICE and Maintenance

NORDIC sees Service & Preventive Maintenance as one of the most important features for a reliable ultra low freezer system. If you combine this this with our low power consumption, 15 year warranty, low footprint and 100% redundant system an almost perfect solution is created.

Ultra low freezer

Our Nordic system gives us the possibility, with permission of the customer, to scan the current status of the technical system real-time. With this advanced system we can do the first troubleshooting from our office location. Via this way we can reduce service and maintenance costs but also guarantee you almost zero downtime. Because we are working with one redundant system maintenance can be done fast en precise. With the current ultra low freezer you have to service every ultra low freezer one after another.

With the proprietary remote management technology that Nordic has developed we save time, improve efficiency, lower costs, and provides reliable accessibility. Maintenance is monitored precisely, so parts replacement is mainly preventive. All of our employees are trained en certified to provide you with a high level of service. We have a proven experience for service in academical hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and all kind of biobanks and production facility’s.

Do you want to reduce your maintenance cost for your Ultra low freezer?

Embrace the future and let us guide you to lower maintenance costs for your Ultra low freezer. We are more than willing to visit you at your location to introduce you to the future of Biobanking and Ultra low freezing. You can contact us via  or +31(0)344 69 55 55. It’s also possible to fill in our contact form on this website, we will contact you as soon as possible!