Construction and Management

Your Biobank safe and secure

Reduced burden on the environment and the budget. These are the guiding principles behind the construction and management of NORDIC infrastructure in scientific environments. NORDIC Biobank installations have a contractually agreed return-on investment timeframe. This is made possible by the ultra-low power consumption and very manageable costs for maintenance, parts and service. With our experience in the field it is proven that a lot of costs can be reduced if managed the right way. Main issues for improvement are for example maintenance, energy, replacement parts, and fault notifications. Our experience has shown that all these aspects can be reduced up to an amount of 75%!

The smart construction of the Nordic Biobank ensures that there is no need for additional room cooling. This is one of the main reasons that we build our technical area outside of the Biobank.

Unique advantages for the Nordic Biobank system

The technical aspects of our NORDIC installations are completely redundant. This unique NORDIC concept guarantees optimal continuity, even when a failure occurs. If one of the systems stops working the other one has enough capacity to run the total Biobank. NORDIC installations also offer you the possibility of waste heat recovery; one option is discharge the heat to other rooms, another option is utilization for the building’s heating system and other heat consumers (e.g. heat pumps).

Another main advantage of the Nordic system is that there is almost no icing. We can achieve this by de-humidifying the room. The compact, modular construction of the ultra-low temperature concept and centralization of the storage, results in a very low footprint of just 1,890 liters per 1.1 m2.


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